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Midwest Ultrasonics, Inc. designs and manufactures ultrasonic horns and fixtures for all makes of welders. Titanium, aluminum, and steel horns are offered in 15, 20, and 40 khz. Half wave and full wave horns, contoured horns, composite horns, coated horns and all the standards.

Our fixtures are manufactured to your specifications or parts. Polyurethane, aluminum, steel, or epoxy are available from standard drop pocket to complex contoured nest with manual or air eject.

In house contouring, duplicating, and polishing ensure our customers' on-time delivery. Horns and fixtures can be machined from your part drawings. We can accept the following files: DXF, IGES, STEP, DWG, SAT/ACIS, Don't have part drawings? No problem, we can contour horns and fixtures from your existing parts with our in house duplicating machinery.

Do you have existing horns that are worn and out of tune? We can re-face and re-tune most standard types of horns saving you money.

One of our most frequently asked questions is “can you make horns that will run on my Branson or Dukane welder?” YES! Our horns and fixtures will operate on all makes of welders.

-Stephen B. Highland

2000 Harper Road  •  Darien, IL. 60561-6701  •  Phone (630) 493-4051  •  Fax (630) 493-4289