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Midwest Ultrasonics, Inc. goes drag racing!

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   When we’re not working, you can usually find us at a nearby drag strip racing our NHRA Super Pro Chevy Beretta. This is a tube chassis car that weighs 2150 pounds and turns the quarter mile in 8.90 seconds at 150 miles per hour. The car is equipped with wheelie bars and a parachute to help stop after those 150 mile per hour blasts. Steve and his brother Rob are partners in the car and have owned it for the last four years.

   The racecar is towed to the staging area by the golf cart to prevent the motor from overheating. After the race, the golf cart then heads down to the end of the racetrack to tow the car back to the pits.

   Inside the trailer is a complete weather station and computer system for up to the minute weather information. The current weather information is very critical in predicting what breakout time you will dial in for your next round of eliminations. This information is transmitted from our trailer weather station to a pager in the golf cart while we are in the staging lanes waiting to race. We will wait till the very last minute to get the latest weather info so the computer can predict what ET the car will run.

   While waiting in the staging lanes, the rear slicks are kept covered in order to keep the sun off the tires. These jumbo size slicks are very sensitive to temperature changes, which affect the proper inflation of the tires.


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